Modern Objects is an award winning design company known as an innovator in the design of products for the home. Begun in 1986, Modern Objects is the realized dream of Michael Aguero and Michael Sarti, who longed to be free of the limitations faced by designers in the corporate world. Our dream has far exceeded our expectations. Every day we are presented with a new opportunity to express our passion for excellence in design.

We pioneered the home furnishings industry with furniture, lighting and accessories. Our parchment paper cityscape lamps and wood pediment frames were overnight sensations followed by our ‘French curve’ decorative accessories collection of scrolled iron with natural rust finishes. The rusted candelabra with crystal balls was on the cover of Metropolitan Home, earned us their Design 100 Award and propelled Modern Objects into the stratosphere. We had no idea in those early days that our designs would be trend setting and would eventually change and dominate the home furnishings industry.  Just as we could not have predicted in 1991 that our fresh approach to designing cabinet and drapery hardware, and the introduction of our twig drawer pulls, would take the decorative hardware industry by storm. Once again we found ourselves on the forefront of what would become our greatest breakthrough.

With the resounding success of this new product category, we decided in 1996 to devote ourselves exclusively to the design and production of alternative decorative hardware. We moved from the gift industry to the kitchen and bath industry and have never looked back.

Our designs are inspired by nature and reflect our organic sensibility. We bring nature indoors with branches, twigs and bamboo; seashells and river rocks; acorns, leaves and pinecones, like that cast from one we found under a majestic white pine tree. We evoke the sensibilities of another time with our castings of eighteenth century butter molds and lightning rods, or create a nautical feeling with cleats, shackles and rope. In today’s world it has become increasingly important for us to create spaces filled with things that give us pleasure, that possibly remind us of special moments in our lives or can transport us to magical places we have been. These environments are charged with emotion and calmed by the reassuring security they provide. These are the places we love to return to over and over again.

Our mission at Modern Objects is to be an integral part of the process of creating the ultimate comfort zone; to provide a positive experience, which stimulates the senses for everyone who encounters our designs. 

Now more than ever we are extremely proud that all our designs, which are conceived in our studio in Connecticut, are produced here in New England. We have a great passion for what we do. Your acknowledgment makes it so much more meaningful. Thank you for your continued support and inspiration. We would love to hear from you, so please write or email.

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